My name is Ricky Hinton. I’m an Internet Entrepreneur and shoppingfortoday.net online webmaster. We focus on giving the consumer a fantastic experience. This is a informational and marketing website with top of the line informational articles to help the consumer have the best  online experience available.

Thank you for choosing Shoppingfortoday.net for your exciting customer experience, we sincerely value your time and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us here on the site. While maintaining and improving our industry presence, Shoppingfortoday.net remains streamlined and efficient, with the highest quality content and affiliate brands in the online market today.

Shoppingfortoday.net was founded in mid-year 2011 with little knowledge an a handful of affiliate products, articles and an internet connection. From humble beginnings, we have came a long way and we still have some ways go.

You cannot be successful without passion, dedication, and hard work. You need to earn the fruits of your labor. It is the same with creating an ideal website for people passionate about shopping.

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Ricky Hinton

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